Pop art by Jack Crispy
Pop art by Jack Crispy

Hello Everyone,

I’d first like to thank you beautiful people who read and enjoy Existentialtravel.com. One of the best things on this planet is getting feedback from readers. I probably would have quit writing a long time ago if it weren’t for you all. Sap aside, I wish I could be posting some good news in this new year, unfortunately, I’m writing this unconventional post today to tell you a story of woe.

Moments after posting my last blog entry, I headed out into the night on my newly acquired scooter to enjoy the festivities of New Year’s Eve. The night and the countdown was pleasant, if not extremely uneventful, until I returned home at about 1:30 am. Exited to read a book I had just bought on kindle, I burst into my room only to find the device gone. A quick glance and I saw my dresser drawers had been left open and emptied of all valuables. I had been robbed.

In the list of items that were stolen; I lost my laptop, my DSLR camera, and all of my backup files and recording equipment. Expensive items and nic-nacs aside, the most devastating part of this robbery was the theft of my work. I had spent the last year traveling to ten different countries and collecting the most beautiful and inspiring interviews from people of this planet. I had worked countless hours of my own time editing and preparing the footage to debut on this website as entertaining and inspiring webisodes. The backups on my SD cards, external hard-drive, and the files on my computer have all been lost.

It’s with this dreadful news that I must apologize to all of the beautiful people I had interviewed. The episodes wont be made, but I thank you for sharing your hearts and views with me. I also have to apologize for the future lack of updates, it will be difficult for me to keep this site up to date without a computer. (I’m at the local library right now.)

If you’d like to help remedy the lack of a typing device in my life, I had some good friends remind me that I have a donate button. If there was ever a time to humbly ask for donations, I have to admit, it would be now. I sold all of my possessions before heading out on the road over a year ago, so the handful of items that were taken from me are basically all that I owned in life. (They even stole my makeup.)

Donate Button

But life’s not all about money. It’s about love, kindness, and supporting our friends… at least I’m pretty sure. So if you can’t donate, do my ego a favor and subscribe to this website, leave comments, share, and all that jazz.

Cheers to a luckier new year,

Sarah Kate Larsen – Travel Zazz

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