Existential adjective
– Of or relating to existence.


Zazz is the nickname of the author and creator of this website. The meanderings of Zazz have lead her towards pursuits of ambitious vigor and ultimately have concluded in precise confusion and wonder. Because of this, Zazz decided to write a travel blog loosely based on existentialism.

Existentialism is a philosophical ponder about the self’s existence. It’s often concerned with the meaning of life and finding the definition of one’s self. Travel means movement and life is in constant movement. In an ever changing world, we too are always changing, that leaves a lot to ponder about.

I welcome you to my blog. Enjoy, or don’t, either way please leave a comment.

We’re All Alone in This Together

If you would like to feature any of my articles, or hire me to write you a blathering pseudo-philosophical post on travel and traveling through life, please contact me at travelzazz@existentialtravel.com


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