Save money and enjoy your stay. Also be sure to venture away from tourist destinations while in Thailand.


Nong Khai

Mut Mee
This Guesthouse made such an impression on me I wrote a blog post about it. Read the post here if you need further convincing to stay here.

Koh Tao

Koh Tao Central Hostel
Central location, free wifi, comfortable and affordable; everything you can ask for in a guesthouse. However, what placed this hostel on this list was the friendly and helpful owner and staff. I’ve stayed at many a guesthouses in Thailand where a haughty owner only gave me the bare minimum of kindness to keep
their business running. Not at Koh Tao Central, you’ll be greeted by a down to earth helpful staff as well as a comfortable bed.


Pak Up Hostel
The most comfortable hostel I have stayed at yet with aircon, fluffy white comforters, and good wifi. But it was actually the maids who’ve put this hostel on my list. I got food poisoning from a street vender while staying here and I was amazed to find myself being nursed by the staff. The wonderful maids not only made the sheets comfortable, they made me feel a little bit like I was back at home and taught me that Tiger Balm helps with nausea.

Simply Budget

On a budget? Me too. Unfortunately, not every inexpensive guesthouse will be extra exceptional like the ones above. For the sake of the penny travelers out there, here’s my list of noteworthy budget accommodations.


Centaur Inn
130 – 600 baht dorm & rooms

Chiang Mai

Jay Guesthouse
100 – 150 baht rooms

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