Fear of Success

As I drunkenly sat on the roof of a boat in the middle of the Mekong River with lanterns and stars above me; as I found myself at the feet of a monk in a crammed truck mistaken for a bus, hitching a ride to who-knows-where; and as I’ve found myself in continual awe of the odd and amazing places I’ve found myself while on my travels, I’ve come to a realization.

-There’s something frightening about pursuing your dreams-

A realization that the power has always been in your own hands and what you don’t accomplish isn’t anyone elses fault but your own.

Your failures are your own.

That expectation, that responsibility, it’s scary as shit.

There’s only so far you can go while blaming your failures in life on outside circumstances. Maybe it’s your government, your health, or cheaters constantly taking advantage of you, but the stories we admire throughout life are the ones where people overcome these obstacles.

We love these stories because they inspire. But inspiration is fleeting without action, and action is our own responsibility.

It’s good to remember that our ego lifts us, but our ego often lies to us.

Our egos can be so afraid of being put down and crumbled that it often creates excuses and rationalizations in order to not disappoint itself. This can seriously hold a person back in life.

It leaves me with a question, “Do we fear others, or do we really fear ourselves when it comes to living our dreams?”

That’s a personal question with a personal answer I cannot answer for anyone. But I feel that I can safely say that when a wounded ego holds the reins of a person, that person is more likely to shoot others down in order to feel better about not meeting their own failed expectations of themselves.

It’s why I’m writing this article today. A reminder for my frightened self as well as a call to action to take the reins of your dreams and don’t give up.

Reaching for your dreams not only let’s yourself try, it gives an unspoken, “ok” for others to try too.

I’ve realized something else while pushing myself to overcome personal obstacles and doubts.

Exhilaration and fear are sometimes similar sensations. You can choose your outlook to help drive you forward.

Everything I’ve said here is not new, but the clichés of life are clichés for a reason. We simply need to take the time to listen, hear, and actualized it without letting ourselves hold us back.

Embrace the frightening changes throughout life and experience for yourself.

There’s something exhilarating about pursuing your dreams-

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