Assume It’s Illegal

Originally posted June 2013

Nothing like stepping out of the airport, smelling that sweet sweaty smell of Bangkok and promptly obtaining your obligatory five mosquito bites in the first five minutes.

A drastic change from the clean idealistic city of Singapore. A city where you can’t walk longer than five minuets without seeing someone scrubbing away at an already spotless window, fountain, or floor.

A city where it’s not only illegal to jaywalk, eat food on the streets and litter; it’s illegal to chew bubble gum in public. No seriously, it is.

Singapore has a plastic look which resembles the inside of a themed Vegas hotel, an atmosphere and attitude of stepping into a city scene of a Disney Channel original movie….and has the death penalty.

Singapore is a glorious place, but don’t just take my word for it. Let me share with you all a lovely song which Nugget and I were lucky to hear while on the perfect island of Santosa.



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