Now that I have your attention, I’d like to regrettably inform you of the current discontinuation of the ETZ (Existential Travel Zazz) Podcast and Webisodes. All of my files, recordings, and what-not where stolen out of my home at the beginning of this year. Thieves are rude. For now, enjoy my posts.

Go to the blog category, “podcast” to find and comment on individual episodes.

Episode Three
Nov. 25, 20013

Jeremy and I had such a good conversation that the people of Laos and Thailand deemed it worthy of fireworks.

Find out what the celebration is all about, learn what self-awareness does to the brain, and discover what the hell yoga is really all about in this fantastic episode.


Want to get in contact with Jeremy or read articles that came from his brain? Check out his blog and Facebook page.
A Wandering Wonderer
World-Centric Perspective

Episode Two
Nov. 18, 2013

Dinner conversation with the inhabitants of Mut Mee guesthouse In Nong Khai, Thailand.

Why is everyone traveling? Why do Asian men make such good lady-boys? Why are there eggs on the table? Find out by listening to this fun episode.

For more information on Spain’s unemployment problem and Finland’s mandatory military service, check out the links below.
Spain Out of Control
Compulsory Military Service

Episode One
Oct. 20, 2013

Jose Mora helps me start off the Existential Travel Zazz Podcast by turning the tables and interviewing me.

Hear about my escape from Mormonism and marriage and join us in conversing about Couch Surfing and fickles of religion.

Download Episode Here

Podcast inspired by Duncan Trussell, Joe Rogan, And Christian King. Check out their podcasts for more great listening.

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